Thursday, May 03, 2018

Come On In The Milk Is Fine

In the middle of the night, a shriek. It's somewhere in the house. You don't hear footsteps - just breathing, gasping, the gurgling of some demon. Your head feels blunt, your vision blurred - you stumble down blackened hallways bracing yourself for a blow. Something drips. The shrieking, oh god the shrieking, it never ends, it just blends into the fabric of reality itself, turning the never-ending night into a pulsing yellow strobe, a migraine built from the toes up one by one by one, little piggies gone to seed...

So that's why I never wanted to become a parent. How about you? I value sleep more than I value having somebody to take care of me when I'm old - just throw me in a ditch and let me die well-rested. And here is Tully, which tickles with these notions - well it's less a tickle really than it is a full-toothed clamp down, spurting blood through a weary smile. Bringing back the winning team behind Young Adult (or Juno minus an Ellen plus a Charlize) here we have... Just Adult. What happens after you pull out.

Having never actually experienced childbirth (I did eat a really big steak one time though, so watch out ladies) or even spent a ton of time around the parents of newborns myself truthfully I'm looking at this movie from a terrible vantage point; all I can really do is read it from the vague impression I have of these circumstances, mostly gathered from other movies, or perhaps also from the red dead eyes of next door neighbors. And I suppose Tully seems like exactly what I would imagine this experience to be like. Thematically, I get it. Its revelations about our post-self selves are smart. 

But then what do I know, save a deep-seated instinctual terror to steer clear of these circumstances? It's terrifically acted (oh Mackenzie, my Mackenzie, and oh Charlize, my goddess, and so forth) and it's really beautifully lensed (I think I sank right into the browns of those kitchen nooks and crannies) and I do look forward to seeing it again, viewing it through what we come to learn about the characters. But we maybe didn't bond as profoundly as Tully wanted me to? I'm just not putting my mouth on this nipple, folks. I don't know where that thing's been, and you can't make me.

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