Thursday, May 17, 2018

Bean It

Yesterday we reported that James Ransone had joined the cast of It's second chapter and then within a couple of hours there was even more news on the grown-ups front - the actor Andy Bean will play the grown-up Stan. Without being spoilery the last time we saw the character of Stan he was not too happy, so expect Andy here to have to tap into being troubled. 

I didn't recognize Andy Bean's name when I read this news which makes sense since looking him up I haven't seen him in anything but he was one of the actors on Alan Ball's show Here and Now (which only lasted the one season but gifted us with so much in its short lifespan) - Andy was the big bearded gay one...

I have really got to watch this show, haven't I?


Anonymous said...

Sad to see here and now get cancelled. I need more of that beard in my life.

The Letter Em said...

It was full of very attractive guys (particularly Bean), but it was aimless, depressing and made little sense by the end. Its like they were saving all the big explanations/revelations for the next season, which now will never happen. A very frustrating viewing experience. Beans character in particular was beyond pointless, which I hated to see as I actually like the actor (beyond his gorgeous appearance).

Anonymous said...

Also, the performance by the guy playing the therapist was cringeworthy. The show itself was too self-conscious and gave itself too much importance (i.e. we need to talk about what's going on in America now, and we're going for the too-on-the-nose approach.)

[ joe ] said...

Wouldn't say you've got to watch Here and Now. It started out interesting, but it just went nowhere, I went through with it only cause I'd already started, but ultimately felt my time could've been spent elsewhere.

[ j ]

Unknown said...

Como se llama la película donde está andy con ese hombre!??