Wednesday, April 11, 2018

The Lifetime Sexy Psychopath Hour

I share this trailer for the new Lifetime series You mostly out of a sense of duty - it stars one-time Gossip Girl paramour Penn Badgley as an apparently psychotic book-shop owner! - than I do enthusiasm - it is a Lifetime psycho boyfriend show, of which there have been too many, and it's been a long time since Gossip Girl, Penn. 

But honestly there are moments in between the pablum in this trailer that stick out - maybe it's self-aware and funny? I mean Lifetime did after all recently give us UnREAL, a wonderfully trashy but occasionally more-than-that show that I am one hundred percent addicted to. UnREAL... and speaking of, sidenote: I am so into the bisexual Russian Coke-whore Alexi (Alex Sparrow) this season:

Aaaaaanyway You was co-written by Love Simon director Greg Berlanti which means it's probably akin to his superhero shows on the CW, none of which I can be bothered with. So this is a toss-up for me. What do y'all think? Could it be the new Revenge? That's the best possible outcome. (I miss Revenge so much.)



Anonymous said...

Off. That GIF with Mr. Speedo. Wow.

2 thoughts:

I love how when the camera cuts to the women, the 2nd woman doesn't look the guy in the face and THEN look him up and down. No, she's already checking out his package and then looks up at his face. 'Atta girl. Priorities.

Also, how does a man with big, glorious thighs like those not also have a big, glorious ass? Usually exercises that result in the former also result in the latter. But oh well, I guess I can settle for 99% perfect.

Rudy Urroz said...

Oh Ems, I miss Revenge too!