Friday, April 06, 2018

The Commuter in 300 Words or Less

I don't care how much my boyfriend -- or any of you people for that matter -- judges me for it, I had a whole lot of fun watching The Commuter. One of these days somebody's going to hand director Jaume Collet-Serra a truly big budget (this movie cost 40 million dollars which sure that's a lot of money but I'm talking Marvel money here) and he's going to take the lessons he's learned turning disposable trash like this and The Shallows and Orphan into pure entertainment and he's going to spin all of that into real big golden buckets of money and fun. (His next movie is Jungle Cruise, based on the Disney ride and starring The Rock and... obviously I'm wary, but for god's sake this director turned a movie starring Blake Lively and a seagull into ninety minutes of tickled endorphins, so I should know better than to doubt.) 

Anyway The Commuter probably goes on about fifteen minutes too long and you can see who the bad guy is going to be from seven cosmos over but Collet-Serra does all sorts of super things with his camera here, maneuvering around and through the space he's closed himself up in - it's real nerdy dumb fun, seeing him float us through a punch-hole in a ticket for no reason whatsoever, but it's fun all the same. One complaint: I really wish they'd made all of Vera Farmiga's phone-calls video-calls because I just wanted to see her face a little more. But ultimately, in the end, Patrick Wilson's pants were just tight enough to make up for that.

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