Friday, April 20, 2018

Quote of the Day

"I’m not interested in showing body parts. I’m interested in your face and your longing, and your desire. The audience will imagine where the other woman’s fingers and face and tongue is outside the frame,” Weisz says their director told them. “It was our job like musicians — if there are coordinates or notes — to fill that with emotion, which I think we did. I hope we did.”

-- That's Rachel Weisz on what her Disobedience director Sebastián Lelio said about the film's steamy but relatively nudity-free sex scene (the scene got a lot of chatter when the film premiered in Toronto in the fall) - oh how I wonder if we'll get the same outrage aimed at the movie for this approach as what Call Me By Your Name got... ha, no I don't wonder that; of course we won't.

Nor should we, of course - you guys know where I stand on this argument. But it's an interesting comparison. There are, of course, aspects of gender coming into play here - "female" sex being thought of as being about desire, an erotica of the mind, while "male" sex is supposedly about the body, the parts. God forbid we blur those lines...

Anyway stay tuned for my review of Disobedience
which is screening at Tribeca, coming soon.


olins said...

For my money one of the hottest sceans ever was the elevator incounter in Bound. No skin and yet, wow!

Jen said...

Another great 'sex' scene is the one in Bent with Clive Owen.