Friday, April 27, 2018

Heads Up, Ed

I've posted that picture of Ed Skrein before (in one of our multiple gratuitous posts on the actor) but I'm really feeling that picture today and I don't think you'll mind a redux. Hi, Ed! Good to see you, Ed! Real happy to hear about your next project - Ed is going to co-star with Eva Green and Kathy Bates, a dream-team if ever one was assembled, in a science-fiction thriller titled A Patriot, directed by Dan Pringle. Here's the jist:

“A Patriot” takes place in a future authoritarian state that has walled itself away from a world ravaged by climate chaos and resource wars. The story follows the unquestioning Border Corp Captain — played by Green — as she fights to defend the purity of the population, until a chance discovery makes her doubt the authorities she has pledged her allegiance and life to protect."
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