Thursday, April 12, 2018

Great Moments In Movie Shelves #144

"Where are we going?"
"Only to the most wonderful place on Earth.
It's Neverland and Oz and
Treasure Island all wrapped up into one!"
I love Hugo's sight gag of the normally terrifying Christopher Lee as the representation of "the most wonderful place on Earth" - hey in my book (heh) any "most wonderful place on Earth" would have Christopher Lee there too. 

Can you believe that Martin Scorsese's Hugo is seven years old now? I can vividly recall seeing the 3D work-print of it at the New York Film Festival (and liking it a lot) but I don't think In have seen it since!

I'd be curious to see how it holds up on two counts - watching it not in 3D, and watching it now that I don't dislike the experience of watching Chloë Grace Moretz act so much anymore. Has anybody watched it lately?

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