Wednesday, April 04, 2018

Good Morning, World

Filming began on the Creed sequel this week which appears to be, for now, titled Creed 2, and this allows me to finally do a post on the dude they hired to play Ivan Drago's son (aka the spawn of the character that Dolph Lundgren turned into the Iron Curtain Pin-up of every little 80s gay boy's wet dreams) -- his named is Florian Munteanu and he is a professional boxer from Romania - he is 6'4" (four inches taller than Michael B. Jordan) and approximately one billion tons of rock-hard muscle, give or take a couple of tons. I wish him luck - I really want to like Creed 2 more than I did the first one, which I wasn't a fan of. (So much exhausting daddy talk.)

Bringing in the Dragos is sure in my wheelhouse since I have always adored the fourth movie, good taste be damned. It is nothing but over-the-top training montage set on top of training montage and it is golden. Anyway I'm going to take this post somewhat easy on myself - most of the pictures I gathered up were from Florian's own Instagram and I realized that I don't actually need to be a spazz and post all of those here - I can just link you to his actual Instagram! Wow, my brain works. But I do have a few that aren't off his Insta and I'll share those after the jump...

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