Friday, April 20, 2018

Good Morning, World

I have no idea what this gif is from (he looks awful young) but Martin Freeman has a horror movie out in theaters today so let's go with some Martin Freeman this morning then. The horror movie is called Ghost Stories and it's only opening in theaters here in New York (it opens in LA next week) but it's also hitting VOD so that applies to everybody, hurray, the democracy of technology. I've heard good stuff about it - it's an anthology story wherein Martin's character connects the three tales o' spooks - but haven't been able to see it yet. Here's the trailer:

Martin actually has another horror movie playing at Tribeca, 
a zombie thing called Cargo - and that I have already seen 
and you should stay tuned for my thoughts on that...


Simon said...

I believe that movie with the dog is a movie called Nativity from 2009. I saw it last Christmas, it was like The Office meets School of Rock at Christmas. It was cute for a Christmas film.

Sam said...

Saw 'Ghost Stories' today. I liked it alot, but if you don't like jump scares, it is definitely not the film for you. Freeman is great, actually everyone in it spot on.

Gus said...

Saw 'Ghost Stories' here in Edinburgh (Scotland) a couple of weeks back. Intriguing and well-made/acted. Not a huge fan of jump scares so I was (metaphorically) under the seat a few times. Nicely twisty ending which pulls some strands together in an unexpected way.