Friday, April 06, 2018

Fresh Meat For Vultures

It feels like a personal affront that Julian Morris and Matt Bomer already acted in a movie together and we didn't get daily Instagram photos of them hanging out (much less a personal invite to also, you know, hang out) but it appears to have happened - the movie is called Vulture Club and it finished filming last month and it just got bought up by YouTube, who's hoping to give the thing a theatrical release later this year before putting it on their streaming service, potentially one supposes for awards attention. 

That might seem a little presumptive off of just the info I've given you so far - while I very much enjoy watching & blogging about Julian Morris and Matt Bomer neither of them have exactly screamed "Oscar now!" so far in their careers - so I should give you another bit of information that brings this into the realm of possibility: sounds like the film's actual lead is Susan Sarandon, who plays Bomer's mother, "a veteran emergency room nurse who takes drastic measures to free her war correspondent son (Bomer) when he is captured by a terrorist group."

The film was written and directed by relative newcomer Maryam Keshavarz (she has one feature from 2011 under her belt) and produced by JC Chandor (you've heard of him) and also stars Edie Falco and Lola Kirke. No idea who Julian plays but here's to hoping he's Bomer's cellmate in terrorist jail and this is a stealth remake of Midnight Express.

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Unknown said...

Matt Bomer's performance in A Normal Heart deserved some awards buzz.