Wednesday, April 04, 2018

Everything You Ever Need To Know About Life...

... you can learn from:

Cosmopolis (2012)

Elise: I like taxis. I was never good at geography, and I
learn things by asking the drivers where they come from.
Eric: They come from horror and despair.
Elise: Yes, exactly. One learns about the countries
where unrest is occurring by riding the taxis here.

(Note to self: check to see if I have done this book store scene for my "Great Moments in Shelves" series yet.) Cosmopolis is a movie that I had one of the most drastic swerves of opinion on ever - I, in the infamous words of Roger Ebert, hate hate hated it the first time I saw it, but then on a second time through I suddenly, out of nowhere, liked it quite a bit. I'm still unable to explain what changed between my first and second viewing - perhaps I was taken over by a pod person? Ha if I was taken over by a pod person I would be, like, way happier... wouldn't I? 

Oh Enemy. How I love Enemy. On that note a happy birthday to the super talented Sarah Gadon! She has made some very fine choices in her career - look no further than her last project, Sarah Polley's Alias Grace, and her next project, Xavier Dolan's The Death and Life of John F. Donovan. She has worked with the cream of the Canadian crop! Cronenberg, Polley, Dolan, Villeneuve... next stop should totally be a role on Schitt's Creek. (Another note to self: the Canadian Mafia is real.)


Scott said...

I have had a somewhat similar reaction to Cosmopolis. I was quite mixed on it the first time, I think mostly because of the structure - but I fell wildly in love with Samantha Morton's performance/monologue from the first viewing, so I didn't hate hate hate it the first time. But after the first viewing, I've liked it - with the possible exception of the last scene which I'm still not sure works quite right.

Owen Walter said...

I’m a sucker for both Cronenberg and Don DeLillo, so I liked the way the film melded their two styles. I had a few doubts about the “message,” which at the time seemed the usual tired one about the deadness of the age. Nowadays I watch the news and think the age IS dead, so maybe the times have caught up with the movie? Robert Pattinson surprised me in a good way, perhaps for the first time.

Forever1267 said...

Could you please explain the spider in "Enemy"? I watched it this weekend, and that .GIF is my favorite part of it.

I "think" it was about loneliness and striving for connections, but then there was the spider....

Also, Jake took off too many clothes in too many dark places. Lighten up, murky cinematography!