Thursday, April 26, 2018

Everything You Ever Need To Know About Life...

... you can learn from:

KaKay: Personally, I never subscribed to that old
Egyptian custom. At least I think it was Egypt.
Cary: What Egyptian custom?
Kay: Of walling up the widow alive in the funeral chamber
of her dead husband along with all of his other possessions.
The theory being that she was his possession too so she was
supposed to journey into death with him. And the community
saw to it that she did. Course that doesn't happen anymore.
Cary: Doesn't it? Well, perhaps not in Egypt.

The great Douglas Sirk was born 121 years ago today.


Shawny said...

If you’ve watched the criterion blue ray of this, the snow scenes at the end are really fake, soap sissy looking. It’s cool actually. They didn’t have snow so they flocked everything with soap froth. This is my favorite Sirk film.

Shawny said...

Meant soapy sudsy looking.

Forever1267 said...

Why can't we find another director to take his crown?!?!?!?