Monday, April 23, 2018

Black Panther Gay

Fun fact: if you google "Black Panther Gay" you mostly just get a bunch of pictures of the brilliant writer and cultural commenter Roxane Gay, who presumably got asked about and offered her opinions on the movie enough this year that that it what happens, so adjust your expectations accordingly. The relationship between T'Challa & Eric doesn't seem to have ignited the fan-fic quarters quite like some others? That's sad. Somebody forward me some Black Panther Smut, and in return I'll send you over to The Film Experience where this week's "Beauty vs Beast" is finally tackling these two, even if they won't "tackle" each other quite like we keep hoping...


Anonymous said...

No question who's topping in that liaison.... still would pay good money to be a fly on the wall.

Chip Chandler said...

Roxane Gay recently wrote a spin-off "Black Panther" comic, so that's probably why that's happening. I much prefer your idea, though.