Tuesday, April 17, 2018

5 Off My Head: Siri Says 2002

You know how I tell you that it's gotten rough when I ask Siri to give me a number between 1 and 100 for this series? How I've done so many at this point that it takes me a dozen or so tries to get her to cough up a number I haven't already done? Well she apparently really wanted to talk about The Movies of 2002 today because "2" was the very first number she gave me. 

So 2002 we go. At first glance the year seemed fine but the deeper I dug into the list the bigger the list grew - turns out this was a hell of a year for the movies. But I decided to clamp down on myself - no top tens today. I twisted myself into knots and kept us at just five like we're supposed to do. Of course when you get down to all the runners-up you'll see - brutal. Absolutely brutal. 

My 5 Favorite Films of 2002

(dir. Todd Haynes)
-- released on November 5th 2002 --
(dir. Park Chan-wook)
-- released on March 29th 2002 --

(dir. Paul Thomas Anderson)
-- released on November 1st 2002 --

(dir. Hayao Miyazaki)
-- released on September 20th 2002 --

(dir. Spike Jonze)
-- released on December 6th 2002 --


Runners-up: Minority Report (dir. Spielberg), Spider-man (dir. Raimi), Catch Me if You Can (dir. Spielberg), The Hours (dir. Daldry), Signs (dir. Shyamalan), About a Boy (dir. Chris Weitz), Panic Room (dir. Fincher), 28 Days Later (dir. Boyle), One Hour Photo (dir. Mark Romanek), Femme Fatale (dir. Brian De Palma), Dirty Pretty Things (dir. Stephen Frears)...

... The Good Girl (dir. Miguel Arteta), Hero (dir. Zhang Yimou), Laurel Canyon (dir. Cholodenko), Talk To Her (dir. Pedro Almodovar), Ten (dir. Kiarostami), Movern Callar (dir. Lynne Ramsey), Bubba Ho-tep (dir. Don Coscarelli), 8 Women (dir. Ozon)

Never seen: Irreversible (dir. Gaspar Noe), Frida (dir. Julie Taymor), Death To Smoochy (dir. Danny DeVito), Solaris (dir. Soderbergh), Equilibrium (dir. Kurt Wimmer), Bend it Like Beckham (dir. Gurinda Chadha), Full Frontal (dir. Soderbergh), Moonlight Mile (dir. Brad Silberling), Russian Ark (dir. Alexander Sokurov)

What are your favorite movies of 2002?


Adrian C said...

Oh my god! I didn't even remember about Bend It Like Beckham! i watched it on middle school!

Since i was 12 in 2002 i think my favorite movie that year was Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets and Spider-Man. And i loved Episode II because i liked Hayden Christensen. I also remember going to the theater to see Scooby-Doo, Resident Evil, Panic Room, Minority Report and even that Britney Spears movie, how fucking embarrassing.

Looking back i think my favorite movies that came out that year are Bourne Identity and The Rules of Attraction.

joel65913 said...

It was a very good year in film but our lists are going to be very different though Far from Heaven is near the top of mine as well. I’ve never heard of your second and I loathed Adaptation. I’m also going to have many runner-ups.

Top 5

The Trip
Catch Me If You Can
Far From Heaven
8 Women
The Bourne Identity


About a Boy
Callas Forever
Changing Lanes
The Count of Monte Cristo
Igby Goes Down
The Importance of Being Earnest
Minority Report
My Big Fat Greek Wedding
My Sister Maria
Phone Booth
The Pianist
The Quiet American
The Road to Perdition
Spider-Man-This would be my sixth.

joel65913 said...

Oh I can't believe I forgot Swimfan especially with that picture!! It's not much of a movie really but having Jesse Bradford walk around in a speedo for the majority of it is just good old fashioned entertainment.

Pierce said...

Frankly, I don't think 2002 was a red letter year for movies, but there were some good things:
Callas Forever, one name, Zefferelli
Bend It Like Beckham. I saw it in Edinburgh and liked it, even though I was seriously jetlagged.
Chicago. Loved it at first, but saw it again in Amsterdam on telly. It played over and over and over. I never want to see it again.
Confessions of a Dangerous Mind. Nicely done movie.
Frida is a marvelous movie, beautifully made.
Man on the Train, featuring Johnny Halladay
Laramie Project, very fine movie based on the play.
Laurel Canyon, nicely acted and crafted
Nicholas Nickleby. Charlie Hunnam's abs.
Possession, a smart literary movie. Only thing Gwyneth Paltrow is tolerable in.
Russian Ark. Saw this in Amsterdam at the Hermitage Amsterdam. Marvelous
Showboy Cute and clever mockumentary

Shawn McGuire said...

Minority Report is my favorite film of 2002. Far From Heaven right behind.

Daniel said...

Bend it Like Beckham is absolutely one of my favorite films of 2002 - Keira Knightley is so great in it as a very tomboy-ish character that it was a total surprise to me when she became the go-to period gown gal.

And Irreversible is just stunning. I know the intensity of it has put a lot of people off, but I was very enamored with it. Both Bellucci and Cassel are at the peak of their physical beauty AND their talents.

Anonymous said...

My Most Memorable of 2002

#1 The Hours (love for the score too)

My Big Fat Greek Wedding
The Pianist
Catch Me If You Can
Russian Ark (the acting is execrable but it is beautiful to watch)
Phone Booth

Bourne Identity made me nauseous
Lois Smith was the best part of Minority Report