Wednesday, April 11, 2018

5 Off My Head: Fur Friends

Happy National Pet Day, everybody! I don't have a pet (well we do have a fish, one that has lasted an astonishingly long time as far as fish go, but he's more the boyfriend's than he is mine) so I am just living vicariously through everybody else's love for their fur friends today. Give them a big sloppy kiss from me! 

Anyway with Lean on Pete (which is basically a dog movie, just with a horse) and Isle of Dogs (which is definitely just a dog movie) in movie theaters I've been thinking a lot about Man's Best Friend lately, so here let's take a look at this totally random list that I made off the top of my head of the first five favorite movie dogs that popped into my head. Enjoy...

My 5 Favorite Movie Dogs

Beatrice from Best in Show

Barney from Gremlins

The mutated wolf-dog from The Thing


What are some of your favorite movie dogs?


JimmyD said...

Nick and Nora Charles faithful companion, Asta!
The Doctor's metal pal, K-9.
Babs Johnson's little fur pal at the end of 'Pink Flamingos.'

Kenneth Michaels said...

Copper from "The Fox and the Hound." It's kind of a heartbreaking movie for kids. Two friends who grow up and realize they can't be friends as adults. Absolutely killed me as a child.

Anonymous said...

Ten promises to my dog (japan)...and A tale of Mari and 3 puppies (another Japanese film). Nothing beats dog-theme films from Japan in my humble opinion.

joel65913 said...

Dorothy's Toto
Nick & Nora's Asta
Uggie from The Artist
All those cute Dalmatians from 101 Dalmatians

Anonymous said...

For me the best doggie ever in a movie is Verdell in As Good As It Gets

Anonymous said...

Arthur from Beginners!

J. Jesse said...

Wendy and Lucy