Thursday, March 01, 2018

Which is Hotter?

I would be shocked to find, if I went back through our archives, that I hadn't polled this question before, but this being Zack Snyder we're talking about there's no need to work myself into a lather of creativity or anything (and anyway most of our old polls don't show their outcomes after the old polling service we used shut down). So we'll ask it today, on the occasion of Snyder's 52nd birthday...

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For all of my snark towards his last few films I did really love Dawn of the Dead and 300, and I really liked Watchmen and Sucker Punch even (I know, I know), so it would be great if he got his mojo back. He should go try to make something... without Henry Cavill around, I guess. Henry distracts him! Of course Henry would distract any of us, I mean, let's be honest...

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