Thursday, March 29, 2018

Viva Panther

At this point I find it kind of impossible to write reviews of Marvel Superhero Movies - they are what they are, even when they're excellent, like I thought Thor: Ragnarok was (which I never really reviewed) and like Black Panther definitely is. (Marvel's had a good year!) I only finally saw Black Panther this past weekend and I immediately tweeted...
... but it still fits the mold of all the other films, ya know? I had a great time but even here a few days later a lot of the specifics have drifted away. What sticks is that Michael B. Jordan gave us Marvel's best villain by far - I actually cried during a Marvel movie, which is really quite something. I've always been mixed on him (I still don't like Creed) but he's fantastic as Killmonger; it doesn't hurt that the character's written with a beautiful and painful backstory and motives tied to the very heart of the film, and he is never an afterthought just there to loudly threaten the hero. 

That said everybody was great - these actors clearly came for their moment in a big fucking movie, and they owned the hell out of it. When the sequel comes out you better believe I'll get there quicker than I did with this one. Anybody have any leftover thoughts on the movie here several weeks out from when most sane people saw it? Or am I too late to this particular super party?

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Anonymous said...

You're the dude that shows up late to the party and the party actually stops because EVERYONE was waiting for you to join!

I saw BP three times...and in IMAX (that shit ain't cheap). You're absolutely right - everyone brought their A+ game but MBJ brought a nuance I didn't know he had in him. That dying declaration was everything.

And on a superficial note: so much man flesh throughout!