Thursday, March 29, 2018

Tye Sheridan Six Times

Hey, I have a question for you people!
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I ask because I haven't been able to decide if I'm interested in seeing it myself - this is definitely a case of "man I wish I was an important enough critic to get invites to big studio movies" because it'd be swell to get to skip the indecision and just go to a press screening. Alas, I am small fries, and so I must weigh the pros and cons of giving over an entire day's worth of MoviePass credit to something that looks... very loud. 

Once upon a time me missing a Spielberg Movie was unthinkable, but then... well then I grew up. Not to be a dick about it, or anything. Spielberg makes grown-up movies and I tend to not miss those; those seem to be where his heart is now; the big action movies he built his rep on, notsomuch anymore. 

Anyway speaking of growing up look at Tye, you guys. He's all of 21 now and filling out - you can still see that gangly little kid from The Tree of Life in there but I think he's aging well; I hope he sticks around, jumps the hurdle to adult success, I think he's a pretty talented kid. (pics via)

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