Wednesday, March 14, 2018

The Time For Tilda Is Always

Funny enough I was just thinking last night that I was really feeling an aching need for some Tilda in my life - I saw Wes Anderson's Isle of Dogs (review eventually) in which she voices a psychic pug and I thought to myself, "I need some Tilda in my life." And here we are. Some news anyway. Tilda will star in the new film from Thai director Apichatpong "Joe" Weerasethakul, his first since Cemetery of Splendor in 2015. (Here's my review of Splendor from the NYFF that year.) Tilda & Joe have been talking about making a movie together for a decade apparently (of course they have - I have a feeling she's got her finger in so many director pies that we know nothing about yet) - this film will be called Memoria and you can get an idea of what it's about over here; as is typical with a Weerasethakul Film he doesn't really describe a plot so much as a mood. It will be set in Columbia; not sure if it will be in English - Tilda's done movies in other languages before of course, although she has yet to speak whatever alien language they speak on her home planet on screen.


Clarke said...

This is reminding me that she optioned the Auntie Mame books, can't wait, the world needs more Tilda. "Patrick, you meanie! Why didn't you tell me your aunt was literate?"

Shawny said...

“Whitticome, Gutterman, Applewhite, Bibberman and Black...”