Thursday, March 01, 2018

I Still Haven't Seen Black Panther

... but I have seen this picture of Sebastian Stan hanging out with his trainer, which reminds me I need to go see Black Panther, so I suppose that's something. Anyway I knew holding off trying to get tickets for BP through Moviepass was going to be a bad plan - I tried to see it this past weekend and it was SOLD OUT FOREVER, so I saw Game Night instead (my review: Fun, it was fun, the end). Maybe this weekend? Maybe before Infinity War comes out? I guess we'll see! Stay tuned for the exciting conclusion!


Shawny said...

BP was good, but it’s still a comic book movie. So it only goes so far as an individual film. What it represents in the history of film is far greater than what it actually is. I especially loved how characters chased with cars by riding atop the cars, as if on an animal. Very cool. And the visuals are very rich with African motifs, landscapes and sunsets. BP is visually richer than the average comic book movie. There, that’s my review, not that you asked for it.

Anonymous said...

I wish we could always assume "personal trainer" were a euphemism for "fit person with whom I pump uglies."