Monday, March 19, 2018

Hot Dogs For Timmy

I suppose as co-members of the hip fresh New York Filmmakers Mafia there are reasons that Josh Safdie, the director of last year's most excellent Good Time starring Robert Pattinson, and Timothée Chalamet, actor, might be hanging out together that have nothing to do with making a project together. Perhaps they just got friendly on the awards circuit last year - perhaps they bumped into each other in the bathroom at the Independent Spirits and felt the clouds part and kismet, angel choir, a fair and true love was born. That would be lovely.

But really I just want them to make their next movie together. Anyway Josh posted that shot on his Instagram this weekend; I believe Timothee went to a basketball game and that sure looks like the area right around Madison Square Garden. And yes Timothee has been spotted all over New York since the endless Call Me By Your Name awards tour actually, you know, ended, and yes I look for him everywhere I go. No avail yet. One of these days, Timmy! You're gonna stand awkwardly next to me in a selfie, goddamit.

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