Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Good Morning, World

Have you guys heard of The Lodgers? It's been available on demand for a few weeks now so I think maybe you have by now - it's an Gothic Irish horror movie from last year about a pair of orphaned twins (but what else) who are too close in the Gothic tradition, nudge nudge, and the big spooky house they inhabit (but what else) - recognizable faces include David Bradley (the mean old caretaker from Harry Potter and Walder Frey from A Game of Thrones) as the mean old, uh, caretaker? And also Eugene Simon, who you see here, who is also from Game of Thrones -  he plays Lancel Lannister, aka the douchebro cousin of Cersei who suddenly finds religion and goes psycho with it, tormenting his cousin in the process.

Here in The Lodgers Eugene plays the cute boy just returned from war (hence the half-leg you'll see below, rendered with shockingly beautiful special effects) who gets drawn into the twins supernatural drama. As one does. Anyway the movie is thick with tar black atmosphere and really not bad, not bad at all. If you're in the mood for exactly what you think this movie is, this movie is exactly that. Oh and Eugene shows his surprisingly plump bum, which I'll show you right now right here after the jump...


AxFromMN said...

I'd like to squeeze his Charmin

2crde said...

I wouldn't mind "lodging" my penis in his rectum.