Thursday, March 15, 2018

6 Off My Head: Cronenbergian Freakazoids

It is the living legend David Cronenberg's 75th birthday today - he's so nice he's got an entire sub-genre slash state-of-mind named after him. It's been four long years since his last movie Maps to the Stars came out - he's talked about retiring from directing and released a book in the meantime but we sure do hope he makes more. The world needs him. The world needs his freaks! His beautiful freaks! And so in honor of all he's given us here is a list of the first few Cronenbergian Freaks that popped into my head...

6 of My Favorite Cronenbergian Freaks

Seth Brundle in The Fly

Rose in Rabid

Vaughan in Crash
Yves Cloquet in Naked Lunch

Nola in The Brood

Beverly & Elliott Mantle in Dead Ringers


What are your faves?

1 comment:

Shawny said...

Either Scanners or Videodrome. Scanners has a great sense of place and also captures a very early 80’s style with all the diagonal wood plank panelling, and women in long plaid skirts with turtlenecks, combined with some great synth music. The Shyamalan film Unbreakable reminded me of Scanners with how it evokes its secret society. Totally rad...