Friday, February 09, 2018

Have Yourself a Laura Dern Weekend

First things first tomorrow is Laura Dern's birthday! 
Show the greatest living actress some appreciation!

Second things second, or more like fifteenth things second really, I've spent most of this week smacking my head against the wall, not feeling super inspired at online opinionating, so I'm glad to see the weekend's here - hopefully I can grab myself by the ears and shake some sense into everything with a couple days off. And if nothing else I can go see some sleazy De Palma movies at The Quad

And if you've seen anything interesting lately 
please tell me about it in the comments! 
Have a great one, everybody!


David said...

Let’s see. Does it have to be movies? I’ve been listening to John Adams’ 25-minute “Phrygian Gates,” which was playing during the Sirmione lake scene in CMBYN and is hypnotic. I just reread the great AIDS elegy “John,” a poem by Edgar Bowers, which always makes me feel both devastated and uplifted by the beauty of its language. (Google it or go to the Poetry Foundation website.) It’s a good two pages to read if you’re feeling harassed by the pettiness of the internet. It puts things in perspective. Have a nice weekend!

luci said...

Heres something interesting
(CMBYN related)
feeling charitable much?