Wednesday, February 07, 2018

Great Moments in Movie Shelves #127

I don't know if Melissa McCarthy's new comedy called Life of the Party is going to be good - maybe after directing MM's two worst movies with Tammy & The Boss her husband Ben Falcone has finally sorted out the gig, or maybe not - but I do know that featuring a sex scene with a cute boy in a library in its trailer is a quick way to my heart! (See also this big gay over-share from way back.)

Hello, Cute Boy. And a quick way to stay inside of there (my heart that is, not inside the cute boy... although...) is to then have Maya Rudolph pop up and make a joke involving the mix up the word "stacks" with "slacks"...

Mostly because Maya Rudolph is awesome, but also just because I just love the word "slacks." Always have, always will. Slacks, slacks, slacks! Here's the trailer:

Life of the Party is out on May 11th... and yeah okay as long as we're here that Cute Boy in the Stacks in named Luke Benward, he is 22 going on 23, and he's been bouncing around for a few years in things like We Were Soldiers and Dear John and lots of TV that I have never heard of (don't feel bad, Luke - there's too much TV these days to hear about half of it). Here's his Instagram! And hey why not after the jump I will share a few pics of him I scrounged up...


Anonymous said...

FYI you posted the Isle of Dogs trailer, not the McCarthy trailer.

Dre Brown said...

They mass produce hot dudes in hot dudes factories nowadays.