Monday, February 05, 2018

Good Morning, World

Well it's Darren Criss' 31st birthday today and so I guess it's the perfect moment to take stock of what we think about his performance as Andrew Cunanan on The Assassination of Gianni Versace so far. Three episodes have aired so far right? Three episodes have aired and even though I posted everything to the lead-up I haven't posted since it started. I think I'm still making up my mind? On Darren and on the show. 

Mind you nowhere in my decision-making with regards to its quality am I thinking it's "bad" - these are just degrees of good. The show is either good or it's great and I want to see how the entire thing unfolds before I make my final decision. So far there have been some very good things; some very smart choices. As a study of "the closet" in the 1990s I'm finding it riveting. Anyway if it wasn't Darren's birthday I probably wouldn't be saying anything yet, I'm definitely not ready to, but I would like to hear where y'all are landing so far, so tell me in the comments!


Sam said...

I'm pretty much obsessed with it. The last episode was so good I had to watch it twice. Every actor is spot on, and Criss is amazing in the role. Also, just give Judith Light the Emmy now, give her all of them.

Anonymous said...

JA , you do know that Joel Kinnaman really delivered or should I say Altered Carbon really delivered with all of the Joel Kinnaman ass shots it was a 20 our of 10. Joel did not disappoint .

Anonymous said...

....... he bared his ass a lot on Altered Carbon .

joel65913 said...

So far I think the show is good but since it's laying the groundwork and jumping back and forth it's too early to say if its better than good. Like you I think I'm going to have to see it in its entirety to make up my mind fully.

However I didn't need to see any more than the first episode to know that Darren Criss is doing excellent work. I've never seen one second of Glee so I don't have that background either working in his favor or against but his deeply unsettling work is quite impressive.

Anonymous said...

The show is good, Criss is great, Judith Light knocked it out of the park last week-yet, I am just not all that into it. I just find the case fundamentally uninteresting, and I do enjoy true crime. But I find neither the victim nor the killer in this case that fascinating to be worth devoting an entire season of a TV show exploring. I'm not into fashion, so Versace doesn't mean that much to me, and Cuanan was an unrestrained narcissist with violent tendencies. He's as repugnant as Trump, and just not something I'm either interested or entertained by watching.

Also, after actually making me not hate her in Murder on the Orient Express, Penelope Cruz is back to her I Will Communicate That I Am A Great, Serious Actress By Mumbling All My Dialogue Incomprehensibly shtick here. That woman can't act for shit.

creamycamper said...

Boy plays a good psycho.