Wednesday, January 17, 2018

One Strange Mr Pettyfer

Alex posted that stunning sexily-necked shot of himself this morning on his Instagram sharing the news that he's now "The Face" of Diesel's new fragrance, and good for him - I worked myself up into one of my word-stews when I reviewed his new movie The Strange Ones (which is out there on demand right now and you should seek it out!) last week so I didn't mention Alex specifically while I should have, because he turns in probably the best work of his career in the film. (Give or take the effortless and much-needed sleaze that he poured all over Magic Mike, of course.)

He's playing a character whose intentions are purposefully murky and which shift from moment to moment, shot to shot, but remains transfixing and when he's no on-screen anymore you both miss him and feel terribly conflicted about missing him, just like you're supposed to. Oh and he is naked.

There, will that get you to watch it?

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Anonymous said...

What a HUNK!!!!