Wednesday, January 03, 2018

Happy Death Day in 200 Words or Less

I spent more time trying to figure out what Happy Death Day's final girl 's name "Tree" was short for (my boyfriend came up with "Theresa" which seems as likely as any) than I did really caring which character would have their Scooby Doo mask ripped off to be revealed as the killer. But that doesn't mean I didn't tap my toes and whistle a tune while watching it - it is perfect dumb fun and knows it. It's got a bit of that Final Destination sensation, an unserious snap crackle and fizz.

I mean I wouldn't have called Happy Death Day's "Groundhog Day, but a slasher!" idea a million dollar idea upon first glance - perhaps a fifty thousand dollar idea? It's fun but it's no Scream in the annals of reshaping the genre, people. But that just proves what I don't know, since the movie went on to make 115 million smackaroos, probably guaranteeing itself a sequel in the process - will a new co-ed find themselves stuck in a time-loop of horror (note to writer: subtitle the movie "Time-Loop of Horror" please) or will our Tree face a second round of repeat stabbings maimings and smashed-bong incisions? Stay tuned!

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