Friday, January 05, 2018

Good Morning, World

I didn't see War Dogs - because oh my god why would I have seen War Dogs? - so I can't tell you how big Bradley Cooper's role was in that, but seeing as how he's listed way way way down the page on IMDb I am guessing small. And War Dogs is the only live-action movie that bradley Cooper has acted in since Joy in 2015! He's done voice-work as Rocket the Raccoon in the Guardians movie of course, and he was on that Limitless television show some I guess. 

But it's been a B-Coop quiet couple of years. He couldn't even be bothered to show up in the Wet Hot American Summer show and had to be replaced by Adam Scott, which they played to humorous effect. I know he's working on his Big Serious Comeback as the writer slash director slash co-star of Lady Gaga in the A Star in Born remake, which just recently got an Awards Season push to next fall, so they're clearly gunning for attention with it. And he had a baby, or something. 

So I am sure we'll hear all the PR Spin soon enough, probably starting over the next couple of months, on What Bradley Cooper Has Been Up To, all the serious Career Reassessment jibber jabber, oh boy, can't wait. Anyway I've always like B-Coop, since he made Sweet Sweet Summer Camp Love with Michael Ian Black in the original Wet Hot and since he was Sidney's Sexy Bestie on Alias. So let's hope he can remind us of that soon. Today's his 43rd birthday so wish him a happy one by hitting the jump to stare at another dozen of these gifs from the 2009 rom-com  He's Just Not That Into You...


Dougie said...

He's also in Avengers: Infinity War later this year as Rocket Raccoon, so maybe he'll be doing the press rounds for that one?

David said...

B-Coop had a baby. Wonder how that happened. I'm all for more people who look like THAT in the world but I smell a turkey baster.

Forever1267 said...

Goodness Gracious, why doesn't something like that ever hang out in my bed?!?!?!? So damn Pretty!!!!