Thursday, January 04, 2018

Good Morning, Jon Bernthal

Really pretty annoyed that Jon let his hair grow back out - he'll never look as good as he did in that GQ photo-shoot with the shorter hair. Never! Not this way, anyway. Oh well. We'll always have GQ, I suppose. Have any of you watched all of The Punisher? I kind of gave up after an episode or two. Should I give it another try? Or should I just wait for Charlie Cox's Daredevil to make me care about Marvel TV again? Anyway you can read Bernthal's interview with Esquire here, and see the rest of the pictures after the jump...


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Anonymous said...

I stuck with it through the whole thing although about midway I almost dropped it. I'm a horror movie fan, and love action movies that are done well, but I found the violence pretty shocking for a series created for distribution by netflix. I think had it been a feature it would have been rated NC-17. I'm also not a big Marvel fan boy but I know that Punisher is a violent character. Just don't find a lot of social redeeming features for this series which is pretty centered on violence...even though the bad guys get punished. Boy do they get punished,