Tuesday, January 02, 2018

Everything You Ever Need To Know About Life...

... you can learn from:

Poison (1991)

John Broom: Prison was not new to me. I'd lived in them all my life. In submitting to prison life, embracing it... I could reject the world that had rejected me.

A happy 57th birthday to Todd Haynes today! My first thought was to rank his films from fave to least fave but then I remembered I'd done just that on Twitter only a couple of months ago, so...
... there's that. As you can see I am not one of Wonderstruck's defenders, of whom I've seen many spring up along with the Top 10s of 2017 over the past few weeks. I never got around to reviewing the film after I saw it at NYFF - it's a fine movie, pretty moving in its last act, but I was pretty cold on it for the first 3/4s and even when things do perk up (i.e. when Julianne Moore shows up) it wasn't enough to leave much of an impression on me. Oh well! Todd's already given us so much elsewhere...

How would you rank his films?


Anonymous said...

What is this from?

JA said...


Flavio said...

1-Velvet Goldmine
3-Dottie gets spanked
5-I'm not there

Haven't seen Wonderstruck or Mildred Pierce, and I'm not a big fan of his Douglas Sirk melodramas.

Flavio said...
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Anonymous said...

1 Safe
2 Far From Heaven
3 Carol
4 Velvet Goldmine

Although I'd have to see Safe again. It's been so long. And obviously I need to catch up on the rest of his filmography.