Wednesday, December 06, 2017

Who Wore It Best?

Have you guys noticed that I have cut back on the Call Me By Your Name coverage? I am trying! It was good that I wrote that great big piece for The Film Experience last week - it helped me get out some of the ideas that were bouncing around making me crazy. Today I'm kinda feeling the itch though, what with all its Critics Choice nominations and the just-mentioned Sufjan interview. (I also keep meaning to find an excuse to link to this interview with the film's editor Walter Fasano - I could write an entire separate article on the editing in the film, which I find particularly astonishing, so you should read that says me.) Might I have to go see the movie a ninth time? I might and I will, you can count on it. But for now let's just think about Short Shorts. I think a lot these days about Armie Hammer in Short Shorts. Which sometimes then leads to thoughts of other recent blonds wearing short shorts...


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Anonymous said...

Wish I can see Armie's buns soon! Can't wait