Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Quote of the Day

"Everything is beautiful, charming, and desirable in this movie: The boys, the girls, the breakfasts, the fruit, the cigarettes, the reservoirs, the bicycles, the open-air dancing, the 80s, the doubts and the devotion of the protagonists, the sincerity of all the characters, the relationship with their parents... Behold the commitment of the authors André Aciman, James Ivory, and Luca Guadagino with the passion of the senses, the light of Northern Italy, and especially Timothée Chalament, the great revelation of the year.”

-- That's Pedro Almodóvar on Call Me By Your Name,
which he just named his favorite movie of 2017 (via)

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Unknown said...

That makes me really happy, because Almodovar knows something about sensuality. He's so right about Timothee--he's a star just starting to shine. That said, I get to stop being jealous of all of you who've seen this movie because I have my tickets to the Angelika in Dallas on December 26! I'm take a box of tissues and settling in for some serious feels.