Monday, December 04, 2017

On Golden Bridges

Whenever Jeff Bridges comes up the only good and true way to visualize him is via 1984's sweaty soft-core schlock Against All Odds, which is a bad movie but features a bearded Bridges making the words "in his prime" seem desperately inadequate signifiers of just what we're looking at. For Jeff's birthday in 2015 we posted a great big gallery from the movie, click here for that

Well it's his birthday again today but today what we're doing really has nothing to do with Against All Odds, and yet here I am, posting that picture. Oh well. Sue me. If you head on over to The Film Experience this week's "Beauty vs Beast" poll is tackling a more recent turn from the birthday boy turned bearded birthday man.


Bill Carter said...

Against All Odds may have been schlocky, but it was a remake of Out of the Past, which might be the greatest film noir classic ever.

It contains one of my all-time favorite pieces of dialog:

Ann: She can't be all bad. No one is.
Jeff: Well, she comes the closest.

Jason Adams said...

Agreed on Out of the Past, which is TREMENDOUS

Anonymous said...

Does anyone else think that the Hemsworth brothers look like Jeff Bridges in Against All Odds?