Thursday, December 21, 2017

Good Morning, World

Fun Fact: Did you know that Tom Payne, the actor who portrays The Walking Dead's "Gay Jesus," also played the naked twink that Frances McDormand finds in Amy Adams' bed in Miss Pettrigew Lives for a Day? I don't think you've really lived until you've been the naked twink that Frances McDormand has found in Amy Adams' bed, so major props to him for that. 

(I wonder if he and Lee Pace were... friendly... on that set?) Anyway it is Mr. Payne's 35th birthday today - I am guessing he's still alive on The Walking Dead because I haven't heard otherwise - I stopped watching the show this year but you always manage to hear what characters they've murdered whether you want to or not. You can see a couple more posts on him right here.

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Theatre of Zen said...

Wow! Baby Jesus, so cute.

I will stop watching TWD at the end of this season. Too much misery porn. and with them killing off Carl, they crossed a line.