Friday, December 08, 2017

Everything You Ever Need To Know About Life...

... you can learn from:

Celeste: The subject says he will be unable
to think about science unless he marries me.
Council Chief: Well, marry him.
Celeste: But we don't know what "marry" is.
Council Chief: One moment. ... Ah, yes.
The Monchine Forty says marriage is this:
he goes off to fight the Turks, and you put on a lock.
Second in Command: No, no, no.
Council Chief: Oh, yes, yes. Wrong century. Eh...
marriage is this: you cook and clean and bring him martinis.
Second in Command: No, no!
Council Chief: Wrong again? Ridiculous... Yes. Wrong decade.
Too old-fashioned. Ah, here we are, yes. The modern marriage:
there are no rules or responsibilities, but if he does something
wrong, you can set him on fire while he sleeps and go on a
talk show, where everyone will forgive you and love you.
There is only one drawback: you will have to have more sex.
Celeste: I'll do it!

I know I saw this movie when I was a kid but I'll be damned if I remember a single thing about it. But with dialogue like this somebody's due for a re-watch! Anyway a happy 64th birthday to Kim Basinger. The only correct answer if I ask you what Kim Basinger's best role was is LA Confidential right? So what's her second best? 8 Mile? Nobody say Vicki Vale, please.


ernesto66 said...

Her very best role IMO is "Cellular". She plays mom and kicks ass and spouts (questionable) scientific info, and more than holds up her half of the movie. One of the asses she most seriously kicks is Jason Statham's! She *never* plays the victim, despite being in peril for an hour and a half and despite Chris Evans being the movie's ostensible white knight.

padric said...

She (and the whole cast) was quite good in "The Door in the Floor," based on the first third of John Irving's "A Widow For One Year."