Thursday, December 21, 2017

Everything You Ever Need To Know About Life...

... you can learn from:

IriIris: Why do they call it a good cry? All it does is make
you look like hell. And what's missing is still missing.

A happy 80 to the legend Jane Fonda!
I've never actually seen this movie. Have you?


joel65913 said...

I have seen it and while its no classic or anywhere near the best film either of the stars have made it was a good picture with solid performances.

It's better than a lot of what Jane has appeared in since she came out of retirement (find her another great role damn it!) plus it has Swoosie Kurtz AND Martha Plimpton AND Zohra Lampert AND Loretta Devine so what more does it need?

Forever1267 said...

Yeah it's solid entertainment, but nothing spectacular, or even that special.

And totally concur on another great role. I just want to see her nominated one more time!

Anonymous said...

You can hardly go wrong with titans like Fonda and DeNiro, even if the movie itself doesn't exactly knock one's socks off. I think it was notable mostly because it took on a subject -- adult illiteracy -- that doesn't get much attention, and certainly not in the movies! The scene I remember is Stanley's forceful retrieval of his shoes from the cobbler to avoid revealing that he couldn't sign his name.