Friday, December 08, 2017

Big Little Andrea Arnold

Both times that I've seen Andrea Arnold do a Q&A in real life she has told the audience that she was jet-lagged and drunk - both times! And that might've been enough to endear her to me permanently,  even if she didn't direct astonishing movies like Fish Tank and Red Road and Wuthering Heights and American Honey; each one one of the best of their respective years. But the point is god I love her, deeply and profoundly - she makes my list of top directors working today with ease. 

And so my initial shrug at the thought of a second season of Big Little Lies turned into a violent epileptic spasm of enthusiasm when I read that it is she that will be directing the entire, THE ENTIRE, second season. Mr. Michelle Pfeiffer, I mean David E. Kelley, is writing the whole thing, and most of the cast is returning - I mean I doubt Alexander Skarsgard is, spoiler-free wink wink nudge nudge, which is a real shame since Andrea Arnold sure as hellfire knows how to sex-up the dudes she points her camera at (see: Michael Fassbender, Shia LaBeouf, Tony Curran, et cetera).

Picture what she might have done with him! But just take a step back and imagine what we ARE on the verge of. We are about to watch several hours of Andrea Arnold directing Nicole Kidman. We are about to watch several hours of Andrea Arnold directing Reese Witherspoon. WE ARE ABOUT TO WATCH SEVERAL HOURS OF ANDREA ARNOLD DIRECTING LAURA DERN!!!!!! Rejoice, motherfuckers.

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Anonymous said...

I remember her being on a kids TV programme as a presenter (in the UK).