Thursday, December 07, 2017

Aquaman Wants To Make You Wet

Okay that's the second joke I have made on "wetness" today, it's played out! I'm done! Which is a shame because a post about the movie Aquaman starring Jason Momoa is really the place to get started on wet jokes. Alas, I must stick to my guns. Guns. Water guns. Shooting. Shooting. Mind wandering. Hey look it's the first picture of Jason Momoa in his standalone Aquaman movie, which is actually going to be a thing! It comes via EW (thanks Mac) where they gives some more details about James Wan's movie, yadda yadda. Have any of you guys actually seen Justice League? I keep thinking I might use my MoviePass to go see it now that it will be less crowded but this is a hella busy time of year and I've already seen the Shirtless Henry Cavill Scene - is there any other reason to go?


Anonymous said...

It tried to be more ‘fun’, but Thor was funnier so it just feels forced in Justice League.
Maybe watch it for Wonder Woman’s opening action scene? That was pretty good...
Or just watch Wonder Woman. 3/4 of that movie is so good.

Mike Johnson said...

Gal Gadot is in it a lot, and she is worth the price of admission. She just radiates goodwill. Add Ezra (sadly unshirtless--not a word, I know), who I find crazy sexy, and shirtless Mamoa and shirtless Henry and sad-eyed Amy makes the rest of the ridiculousness worth it.