Friday, November 03, 2017

Which Is Hotter?

Wow it looks like they were having a blast on the set there! Anyway today is the 41st anniversary of Brian Depalma's film Carrie, which if you're new around here you oughta know is one of my top ten movies of all time and always. When we wished Stephen King a happy 70th birthday back in September it also made our list of fave adaptations of his work - that list isn't ranked but the story of Carrie White would be our favorite of them all (although The Shining would be close on her heels). Anyway in order to mark this auspicious odd anniversary, let's have some fun with the boys...


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Rob91316 said...

Don't judge, but my first inkling that I was a homo came about when my parents took me to see "Carrie" on its opening weekend in November 1976. It was the scene where Nancy Allen goes down on John Travolta in the front seat of his car. My then 8-year-old brain wasn't sure what to make of what was going on "down there." All I knew was that whatever Nancy Allen was doing to John Travolta, I wanted to try it too.