Friday, November 03, 2017

Stuff Yourself With Sufjan

I know a third post on the Call Me By Your Name soundtrack in less than 24 hours might be pushing it but... well "pushing it' has always kinda been my thing. I have a brand to maintain! Anyway I do have these lovely new pictures of Armie & Timmy to share too so... excuse! The Sufjan-stuffed soundtrack is one hundred percent available for download now, as announced yesterday - you can download it over at Amazon. I'm a little bit annoyed that I don't get the mp3s along with my purchase of the physical CD, which they're still being vague about a shipping date for (I am old school - aka just old - and prefer having a hard copy) but I've got those leaked copies to keep me warm and cuddly until then.

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Anonymous said...

Your obsession is infectious!!! Thank you for keeping us informed.