Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Pics of the Day

Congrats to the Call Me By Your Name team for their much deserved wins last night at the Gotham Awards! And congrats to Robert Pattinson for getting that much "hands on time" with Armie Hammer.


Anonymous said...

Do we get to see Armie Hammer's butt in Call Me By Your Name? Has anyone seen the scene? How long is it, how big is the butt and how clearly is it visible?

JA said...

LOL I've answered this question so many times now ;)

You see his butt three times in the movie -- first (and my fave) a very fine side view as he pulls up his swim trunks. Second when he's laying naked on top of Timmy. And third the shot we see in the first trailer that is very dark of his standing naked in front of a window. The third one is too dark, although it looks lighter on a film screen.

I cannot wait to gif that first shot, though.

Anonymous said...

Can’t wait to see the movie here in Rio 😬

Anonymous said...

@JA - Thank you for patiently answering me again. Had missed your previous answers on this.:)

I just checked out the trailer - his ass has almost zero percent visibility :(
As for the side view of the ass, it won't do much for me.
I hope the scene where he's lying naked on top of Timmy shows off his ass well.
Pity for a movie about gay lovers, there's so little nudity from Mr. Hammer.