Thursday, November 30, 2017

It's a Timothée Type of Day

I don't particularly enjoy Awards Season like a lot of Movie Bloggers do - most of the time I just find myself feeling frustration at the process more than ebullience. People's individual lists are nearly always more interesting than what groupthink comes up with. And the silliness of ranking art and artists this way, winners versus losers, some crazy notion of "Best"... I remain unconvinced of its pleasures.

That said I'm not a total stick-in-the-mud and I like seeing work I like get attention and celebration because it means more people will see said work, and perhaps find said work as moving in whatever manner as I did, and so Hooray For Timmy winning Best Actor from the New York Film Critic's Circle today. I was really hoping his sunny name would get out from under the shadow of Gary Oldman's at least once or twice this season. See the whole list of winners over at The Film Experience. Then go read the new interview with him at Vulture!

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