Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Good Morning, Avengers

Howdy, Hulky. Anyway I am sure you're already aware of it by now (I doubt MNPP is the place you come to for your Avengers news!) but hey look they released the first teaser trailer for the next Avengers, subtitled Infinity War, which is brining together everybody in the entire Marvel Universe (well except for those poor lonely Netflix folks - I wanna see Charlie Cox riding on Chris Evans shoulders dammit!) to fight a big purple popsicle with a vague Brolinesque face attached to it. Behold:

Whaddya think? I spent the whole thing waiting for a glimpse of the Guardians and so by the time that little tag at the end happened I'd half-tuned out. Guess I'll watch it three more times then!

1 comment:

Mark Alexander said...

I wanna see Charlie Cox riding Chris Evans, period!