Wednesday, November 08, 2017

Everything You Ever Need To Know About Life...

... you can learn from:

Funny Games (1997)

Paul: ...whether by knife or whether by gun, 
losing your life can sometimes be fun. 

We just called Funny Games one of our favorite movies of 1997 yesterday, and the universe responded with a sturdy thumbs-up by way of Film Forum announcing today that they're doing a great big Michael Haneke retrospective later this month, huzzah! They're showing basically everything except a couple of the TV movies that are also worth seeking out (like his version of The Castle) and they don't seem to be showing his 2007 remake of Funny Games with Naomi Watts, weirdly enough. Just the original one. 

But they're showing The Piano Teacher and Cache and The White Ribbon and Amour and The Seventh Continent (I just re-watched this one a few weeks ago and it really holds up - I find its depiction of a family's epic disintegration told in miniature absolutely riveting) and on and on. This is all a precursor to the release of Happy End, Haneke's new film (which has gotten a bit of a cold shoulder critically so far), which is out on December 22nd. The series runs from November 17th through the 23rd!

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Bill Carter said...

I first saw "Funny Games" late one night on the Sundance channel, back when it was showing interesting films instead of non-stop stupid "Law and Order" reruns. Didn't know anything about it going in.

It kept me awake all night.

PS I always used to think people who complained that "I remember when MTV ran music videos" weren't demonstrating how cool they were, but were just unintentionally admitting to being old.

I remember A&E, Bravo, IFC, and Sundance before they changed their programming formats to run nothing but crap aimed at the trailer-park crowd.

Guess I'm getting up there in years.