Tuesday, October 17, 2017

To Riz Or Not To Riz

I'm still sitting here waiting for more pictures of Oscar Isaac's turn as Hamlet Sans Pants to turn up, but the world's apparently all ready to move on to the next Hot Piece Prince - Riz Ahmed is in talks with Netflix to turn his own modern-day take on the tale (along with his college friend writer Mike Lesslie, who co-wrote the recent Michael Fassbender Macbeth) into a movie. I'm always up for more Riz, and Hamlet's certainly proven itself malleable over the years - every actor with lofty ambitions has taken a stab. Which is your favorite...

If you have an alternate (lord knows there are more) 
please share it in the comments!


Anonymous said...

i hate riz ahmed's lemur face and scrawny pencil pusher body. we come to this blog for the beef, please deliver

Poli said...

Riz is the sex, so I am quite happy to see his beautiful face.

And I am quite interested in his take on Hamlet

Pierce said...

The Michael Fassbinder Macbeth was dreadful. I didn't make it though the whole thing. The best version of that play, though is Kurosawa's Throne of Blood. Mel Gibson wasn't bad as Hamlet, but Zefferelli's production was exquisite. Olivier's is too focused on the Danish philosophy of Kiirkegaard, and Kenneth Branagh's ego got in the way of his performance. I rather liked Ethan Hawke, but the best film is A Royal Deceit with Gabriel Byrne. The best stage version I saw was at the Old Vic and starred Ben Whishaw!

olins said...

On stage so it doesn’t count, but Aidan Quiinn!

Aquinas1220 said...

I hate myself for voting for anything that pos Gibson is in, but his portrayal of Hamlet is really the only film of his I have enjoyed