Monday, October 09, 2017

Talk About Your Lust

I'm feeling serial-killing today for a couple of reasons and so this week's "Beauty vs Beast" over at The Film Experience is all over David Fincher's film Seven, click on over to vote. It's been a couple years since I sat down and watched Seven straight through (although I'm sure I've stopped and watched a scene or two whenever I've caught it playing on TV) and so I ask - does the scene in the image above happen in the film, or is this one of those promotional images for a moment that ended up on the cutting room floor? I don't recall Brad showing even that much skin in this movie, much to my disappointment at the time. 


Anonymous said...

Yes, the scene pictured is near the end of the movie - after John Doe has turned himself in and they are about to take him out for a package delivery (hehe)

The men are shaving their chests and attaching microphones for audio feeds to police backup units.

Dougie said...

Speaking of showing that much skin, Scoot McNairy stripped down to his boxers in that recent superb episode of Halt and Catch Fire, which ends next week with a two-hour series finale. I was hoping you got screencaps.