Friday, October 06, 2017

NYFF DIaries: Day 12

The 2017 New York Film Festival is currently in session - is runs through October 15th, and if you're around you should go see a movie or seven! We've been keeping tabs on what we've been watching at press screenings, and then we've been reviewing those movies over at The Film Experience. We're pretty excited for today's title...

October 6th
Lady Bird (dir. Greta Gerwig)

It's kind of self-explanatory why I'm excited about Lady Bird, being Number One Greta Gerwig Fan and all, so let me just say that this morning as I write this what I am desperately hoping is that Lady Bird can finally be the thing to break the spell that Call Me By Your Name has cast over my brain, because I have spent the last 48 hours trying to think about anything else and failed. Not failed miserably - I am swooning, infatuated. But at a certain point it starts to feel like a curse, a brain disease, you know? You know. You've born witness. Save me, Greta Gerwig!

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Anonymous said...

Beat you to it. Saw it at an industry screening yesterday. Loved it. Charming, terrific performances. It's another coming of age story but totally involving with depth and humor and love.