Wednesday, October 04, 2017

NYFF Diaries: Day 11

The 2017 edition of the New York Film Festival is pretty much at its mid-point (although I've personally seen more than half the movies I will be seeing at it at this point), running through October 15th, and we have been keeping tabs on what we have been watching - see everything we've covered so far right here. Our proper reviews are going up at The Film Experience, but until then here's what we are seeing today...

October 4th
Spielberg (dir. Susan Lacy)

Although my attitude towards Steven Spielberg has cooled a little bit - a very little bit - over the past few years he was my favorite thing around in my youth. I did after all see the first Jurassic Park film in theaters the summer it came out TWELVE times. I think he still makes important work - I think Bridge of Spies is tremendously underrated for one - but the fact that I haven't even sat down to watch his adaptation of one of my favorite childhood books (Roald Dahl's The BFG) over a year since it came out does speak to some sort of nascent ambivalence, I think. But I'm very much looking forward to this doc, which takes on his entire career - perhaps it will revive my enthusiasm. (Ready Player One's trailer sure is goofy though, you guys.)

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