Thursday, October 19, 2017

Meet Your Mormon

We knew that Russell Tovey wasn't doing the new revival Angels in America when it transferred from London to Broadway next year because he was busy with Quantico duties - well the folks behind the revival, which stars Andrew Garfield and Nathan Lane, just went and snagged a pretty great get to replace him. Lee Pace, star of Pushing Daisies (sigh) and Halt and Catch Fire (also sigh), is going to play Joe Pitt, the closeted Mormon law-clerk aka the role that Patrick Wilson let it all hang out for in Mike Nichols' movie. As did Tovey on stage...

It's one of them parts. I hadn't been planning on going to see the production because I saw the National Theater Live screenings earlier this summer, which were wonderful but seemed like plenty, but now... with Lee Pace up there in Joe Pitt's magic underpants? Now I don't know how I could miss it. 


MovieNut14 said...

Uhhhh...I think I need to get tickets for that STAT.

George G said...

Look at you, Lee, all spread-legged and come hither. Hither, I say, HITHER.